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Burden Free Gift Card Program – Cards Load At Your Point Of Sale.

Digital Gift CardsWithout question, one of the best opportunities often overlooked by retailers are Digital Gift Cards.  Gone should be the days of paper gift certificates which were not only a nightmare to administer and issue, but also did not allow for the marketing opportunities that Digital Gift Cards afford a retailer.  Digital Gift Cards look smart, boost corporate image, and best of all they are simple to issue.

According to a Value Link Study performed by FirstData Corporation, the average purchase lift for a gift card related purchase is 30%, which means if a consumer receives a $50 Gift Card, they will actually spend $65 in store.  Even better is the fact that 55% of consumers spend between 30% and 60% more than the face value of the Gift Card

The greatest value Digital Gift cards is actually in their marketing power OUTSIDE of your store system.  Pre-loading Gift Cards with $25 for local area realtors to give to clients new to your service area is a fantastic way of promoting your decorating business, compare this to the effectiveness of print advertising for finding new clients and the power of the technology becomes obvious.  Gift Cards work well for charity requests, radio on-air giveaways, & customer service problem resolution as well.  Gift Cards can be reloaded and reused and are great ways to keep merchandise credit dollars in your store, rather than simply refunding cash.

Digital Gift CardsDigital Gift Cards:

  • Drive Traffic To Your Store
  • Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction
  • 55% of Consumers Spend 30% to 60% Over Gift Card Value
  • Easy to Account For Through Your Point of Sale
  • No Hassle – Cards Load At Your Point of Sale

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