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Social Media advertising can be an effective way to increase your branding, sales and online presence. Hundreds and hundreds of ads appear within an average Social Media User's account every day. There are so many..... What can you do make certain your ad is noticed?

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Our Doodle Social Media Ads attract attention, create interest, increase exposure and build your brand.


Designing your Doodle Social Media Ad is very simple, straightforward process. With the expert guidance of our design team, we come up with a theme and story line for your ad. Then we begin the design process. In most cases, your ad concept is ready for viewing within a day or two. Usually, after a little tweaking your ad is ready to go.


Your finished ad will be delivered to you in a 720p resolution video file, meeting Social Meeting advertising standards. (1080p versions are available at an additional charge). Once you receive it, you can have your ad posted in your Social Media account in no time at all.


A Doodle Ad Social Media campaign costs a mere fraction of what traditional print, television, and radio coverage does, while having the potential to reach far more people.


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Cellular YXE Face Book Ad Campaign

Cynthia Fey Past Life Regression Face Book Ad Campaign


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