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Customer SurveysTruly understanding the customer experience in your retail stores has always been a challenging process.  Mystery shoppers and comment cards provide some data, but both fail to give your managers truly meaningful customer insight.  Many organizations let their managers figure it out themselves somehow.  Are your managers hearing the truth about customer satisfaction in their daily experience in the stores?  You may want to think carefully about that; the future of your company depends on it.

Online customer satisfaction research measures the customer experience in your retail stores and provides that data to every member of your management team.  For over 60 dimensions of store performance, this research provides clear, easy to use customer satisfaction information in a real-time report accessible on the Internet.  With this information you can have crystal-clear visibility of the customer experience in each store and your managers can take action to fix problems as they arise.  Customer research helps you focus every level of your organization on the customer; that means greater loyalty and stronger sales.

So how does it work?  Customers receive a survey invitation attached to their sales invoices.  The invitation asks them to visit a website, enter their pass code and complete the survey over the Internet.  When the survey is complete, customers print an online coupon that can be used on their next store visit.  The incentive coupon gives customers a great reason to visit the store again.

How do you benefit?  The data collected from these surveys provides VERY powerful insight into your customers’ experiences.  In addition, there are open-ended questions that allow customers to give their thoughts on your stores in their own words.  This is top of mind, unfiltered feedback, and this is where some real customer insight gems can be found.  Over time you can receive open-ended responses about staff effectiveness, store appearance, price for value issues and the shopping experience.  Regardless of the subject, this information allows you to take action in your stores in direct response to your customers’ needs. 

Careful attention to your customers is critical to meeting your sales goals and generating even greater loyalty.  In fact, listening to your customers can transform the way you do business; it’s a matter of listening and taking the appropriate actions to meet your customers’ needs better than any of your competitors.  Online customer research increases your profits and transforms your organization.

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