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Design notes from CyberSlang's Zane Hrynewich.

Forest House Gets a Face Lift

Forest House Gets a Face Lift

Rejuvenate... Relax... Re-connect.....

Forest House is a luxury wilderness lodge located in the heart of the Boreal Forest on the shore of an unnamed lake in Northern Saskatchewan. The log buildings and the surrounding gardens have been lovingly carved from the Precambrian rock over the last three decades. Everything from the sun-lit dining room, to the wilderness trails, to the solar-powered electrical system, have been carefully located and constructed to showcase the many natural attributes this unique getaway offers.


Forest House is the perfect setting to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life; to experience the peaceful serenity of the northern forest; to nurture the soul. Here, there are no clocks... no schedule... no agenda. The day is yours to relax... to explore... to do as you wish. Re-vitalize yourself in a place where time stands still.


At Forest House, you are the only guests. The magnificent lodge, the cozy fireplaces, the comfortable deck, the scenic gardens, and everything else Forest House offers are completely at your disposal. While tending to your every need, our staff recognizes this is your time and respects your privacy. Forest House is yours.

A Changing Tapestry.....

In 2017, devastating forest fires enveloped a large part of northern Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, Forest House was in the path of one of these fires. Fortunately, fire fighting efforts saved the main lodge. The rich, vibrant Boreal forest at Forest House was lost, but a new day has begun. The burn has produced a clean canvas for new growth and in just a short period of time, wild flowers, mosses and lichens have reappeared, as the forest begins begins anew.

A New Website.....

In the fall of 2016, a new Forest House website was created to conform to mobile standards.

Below images by CyberSlang Design's Zane Hrynewich

Hadlock's House of Paint Migrated to Joomla 3.5
Brand New Robust Site for Days Paint, Edmonton

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