Welcome Wise Paints

CyberSlang Consulting/BIGEYE Productions is pleased to announce the launch of Wise Paints, a brand new website for this old-school company.

A little about Wise Paints:

They are a company that continues to conduct their business on a two-way street. If experience has taught them anything, it's that no deal, partnership, or transaction is one-sided. It is this mindset that motivated them to "go-green", to install skylights in their factory to function as auxiliary lights by day, and purchase "green" energy from the public utility to power the plant; To use trays rather than the conventional boxes to ship products and thereby cut their cardboard usage in half.

These decisions are born from the desire to find win-win opportunities in all that they do. Whether it's the quality they put into the can, or the outdated ideas they throw out, they aim to capture the win-win opportunities present in each situation.

Thank you, Wise Paints, for choosing us as your Internet partners.